The Whole Hog Homesteading Bundle

Your Short Cut to Homesteading Success

Starting and growing your Homestead by yourself is hard work. There is so much to learn and plenty of mistakes to make along the way.

I believe making mistakes is a great way to learn and Google can be your friend initially. But there is so much information out there it can get quickly overwhelming.

Which is where this bundle comes in. There is nothing like great courses and ebooks to help you take a short cut and save a lot of heartache.

Instead of spending hours googling and trying to work out what is reliable and what is out of date, this bundle brings together some of the best homesteaders around to guide you.

You'll get over 10 courses and ebooks covering everything from growing your food to keeping chickens to going off grid and more all for only $99.

We want to help you grow your homestead and create a life you love much quicker than if you were doing this on your own. Whatever that homestead looks like!

Complete Vegetable Garden Planting Schedules - Pam Farley, Brown Thumb Mama

Gardeners know that different plants grow best at different times of the year, in different parts of the country. So how do you know what to plant--and when to plant it--for your particular part of the country?

I’ve done all the research and compiled all the vegetable planting schedules for every US planting zone--so no matter where you live, you'll know exactly what to plant each month. This comprehensive booklet contains all eight planting schedules for US Zones 3-10.

You can print it out, or read it on your phone or tablet. I've laminated the sheets I use the most and hang them by my potting bench.

Make gardening fun again! Your planting schedule will help you get everything growing at the right time. Before you know it, you'll have a huge harvest.

Goat Basics - Deborah Niemann, The Thrifty Homesteader

Whether you have a couple of pet wethers or you're thinking about bringing a few milkers into your life, this class will teach you what you need to know to keep them healthy and happy with proper housing and suitable fencing. You'll also learn how to decipher a goat pedigree and discover smart buying tips.

Gain confidence that your goats won't be running all over the countryside.

Save money AND keep your goats healthier by not overbuilding your goat housing or buying a bunch of things your goats don't need.

Save time by not searching the Internet and trying to weed through a dozen opinions.

Herbal Cookery - Kathie N. Lapcevic, Homespun Seasonal Living

Five lessons to help you learn how to make the most of herbs and wild plants like dandelion and more for cooking in sweet and savory dishes.

The Holistic Home ebook - Kelsey Olesen, Green Willow Homestead

Whether you live in an apartment in a city or a home in the burbs, it's absolutely possible to work towards a holistic, sustainable lifestyle. The Holistic Home guides you room-by-room through your home to learn exactly how to live a more holistic, healthy, and eco-friendly life.

Everything Canning - Jennifer Gomes, The Domestic Wildflower

From traditional water bath to lightening fast, modern steam canning, with video lessons, PDFs, and ebooks, this is Everything Canning!

Now, you'll master:

Traditional water bath canning (like how Granny did it, but with majorly improved, time-saving techniques and modern-kitchen approved giant black speckled pot required!)

Lightening-fast steam canning (same recipes, just 25 minutes faster per batch!)

Techniques for preserving


Tomato Sauce

Roasted Peppers



And more!

Getting Started with Chickens - from hatch to outside - Kristin & Justin Duke, Mr Animal Farm

Getting Started with Chickens: From hatch to Outside is a comprehensive video course for new chicken owners. You will learn how to choose your breeds, where to get your chickens from, general chicken terminology, how to care for your new chicks and what they will need as they transition to outside.

Creating your Off-Grid Homestead - Teri Page, Homestead Honey

Equal parts practical information, how-to, and homesteading inspiration, Creating Your Off-Grid Homestead offers a roadmap to make your own off-grid dreams come true.

In it, you'll learn how our family created an off-grid homestead from scratch, working in phases, and adding projects and infrastructure as we had time and money. You’ll hear what worked, where we made mistakes, and what we might do differently, with topics ranging from cost, solar electricity, off grid water systems, off grid food preparation and food storage, and more!

You will also be guided with dozens of questions for thought, so you can apply the information in this book to your own unique situation.

Introduction to Beekeeping - Hilary Kearney, Girl Next Door Honey

If you’re thinking about starting a backyard beehive or are just curious about what’s involved with keeping bees, then this is a great introductory class for you. Hilary will teach you: how the honey bee lives, discuss different hive designs, what tools to buy, how to place your hive, how to acquire bees, honey harvesting methods, and common hive pests. Plus, tons of practical information about how to be successful as a beekeeper, what to look for during inspections and how to avoid common mistakes.

The Homestead Management Binder - Jessica Quinn, Mama on the Homestead

The Homestead Management Binder is your complete resource for homestead record keeping and planning! This resource includes The Homestead Garden Planner, The Farm & Homestead Finance Tracker, The Homestead Goal & Project Planner, AND The Livestock Management Binder.

Pantry Preserves for Beginners - Sarita Harbour, An Off Grid Life

Interested in learning how to preserve your garden harvest? Or maybe you stocked up on seasonal fruits and veggies that were on sale at the market. In Pantry Preserves for Beginners, you'll get 18 simple recipes to try, complete with step-by-step instructions.

Recipes include:

- No-Vinegar Refrigerator Pickles

- Easy Brined Vegetables

- No-Pectin Citrus Preserves

- Cabbage Kimchi

- Fruit Leather

- Canned Lemons

- Coffee Jelly

You'll also find four BONUS printables:

Autumn Recipe Card

Preserves Shopping List

Autumn Meal Planner

Preserves Supply List

Handmade Holidays Masterclass - Kristi Stone, Stone Family Farmstead


Every year the holidays come around and there’s the planning, the spending, the stress… and you wanted to use some of your skills to share with your family and friends, but it’s just way. too. late.

Understandable! Life is often such that all that tends to get done is what comes up each day of the year, leaving not a whole lot of thought left over to think about the holidays. With all your heart, you want to make each year special, but each year you are at a loss.

I’ve got you.

By the end of this course, you will have:

~made some or all of your handmade gifts before December*

~learned some new skills to help you every year

~learned how to position yourself to be able to save money on gifts every year

Having the ability to offset some of the costs of the holidays by making our own gifts feels daunting, but when you follow a system, it’s a snap! In a few hours per month, you’ll have beautiful, thoughtful, handmade gifts to share with your friends and family!

*Providing you start the course in the first half of the year, or start with just a few projects when starting later in the year.


Estimated Time: 1-4 hours per month, 8 months (or as fast as you would like!)

Difficulty: Beginner

Backyard Poultry Health Guide: Diagnosis & Treatment Digital eBook - Nicole Gennetta, Heritage Acres Market

This comprehensive ebook was written for the backyard poultry keeper. Easy to read and filled with practical information for identifying and treating common poultry illnesses and other problems. eBook includes Identification of Disease and Illness, Treatment, Natural Therapy, Recipes, Printables and more!

The Homesteaders Guide to Seasonal Gardening - Dana Thompson, Piwakawaka Valley Homestead

This eBook contains over 260 pages of information and is every homesteaders reference guide. This extensive seasonal growing and eating guide includes tips for growing (or getting) and using seasonal produce, a section for each season including gardening tips, planting lists and season appropriate garden chores as well as 10 recipes to use each seasons produce.

Duck Dough - Delci Plouffe, A Life of Heritage

The 7 ways to profit with ducks shared in this eBook will get your wheels churning. It shares revolutionary ways to raise ducks and profit from them. This duck book will save you time, money and give you the knowledge you need.

You will also learn about...

the possible duck breeds you could own

how to raise healthy ducks

the facts about duck eggs and meat

the health concerns you should be aware of

how to hatch duck eggs

and the pros and cons of raising ducks.

You'll also get...

The Profitable Poultry binder. It will...

walk you through the profitable selling framework

show you how to wash feathers

how to ship hatching eggs

and has over 20 pages of records that are necessary to for your profitable business

it also has a raising broilers checklist

and a list of pertinent information that should be included in your ads

AND you'll also get the Poultry Health and Care Binder.

This binder has...

symptom checker pages

sickness and disease symptoms, causes, prevention and treatment options,

poisonous plants to avoid

chore checklists

first aid checklist

and numerous health tracking sheets.

30 pages total.

From Garbage to Gold: Turn Your Waste Into a Reusable Treasure that is Compost - Mindy Young, Farm Fit Living

You wish you could do more with your kitchen scraps than just throw them away.

Outdoors, you wonder if there's a way to reuse and recycle all the organic naturals that blow into your yard.

Are you feeling overwhelmed that you have no place to put your waste? Or maybe you feel bad just throwing it away. Surely there's a way to reuse it?

Yes! There is a way! It's called composting.

In Garbage to Gold, you will learn how to transform your waste into a super valuable resource - Rich black goodness that is as great as soil. You can then use it to grow plants, spread on your garden or even as a mulch.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do these courses in my own time?
For most of these courses the answer is Yes! You can do the courses at a time that works for you. Some of the courses may schedule out the content so you aren’t overwhelmed. But you do need to sign up for the courses and ebooks within one month of purchasing the bundle. The owners of the individual courses and ebooks may at some point in the future cease to offer the course or ebook.
Are these courses online or in person?
All the courses are online. You will have access for as long as the course is available and can review the material at any time.
How do I access the courses and ebooks
When you purchase the bundle, you'll get access to a PDF with details on how to enrol in the individual courses. Make sure you keep an eye out in your email inbox for your login to the Whole Hog Homesteading Bundle so you can log in to download the PDF. It may go to your spam/promotional/junk inbox so if you don't see it, check it hasn't made its way into one of those inboxes.
Who can I contact if I have a question about the bundle?
If you've got any questions about the bundle, please email Caroline at [email protected]

This course is closed for enrollment.